Onyxia (Titan Souls)

Onyxia (TSO2TSN2TSY2TSX2TSI2TSA2), known as the Serpent of the Cold Depths, is a Titan found in Titan Souls.

Strategy Edit

Upon entering the Ice area, you will find a few lit torches, shooting an arrow through one will catch your arrow on fire. You must fire your arrow through the lit torches and into the unlit ones leading to the East side of the area. Upon lighting the final torch, you will be near an icy lake with a waterfall leading into it. Shoot the base of the waterfall with a flaming arrow, and Onyxia's lair will be revealed. Once in the arena, you will find a large lake with a few icebergs scattered about. Shoot the orange crystal on the middle iceberg, and the battle will commence. Onyxia will jump out of the water, charging itself with electricity, targeting you and breaking any iceberg you may be standing on. Stay in the water until you see it's head pop out of the water, you must then get onto an iceberg and fire your arrow into the crystal on the tip of its tail. After charging itself 3 times, Onyxia will electrocute the water in an attempt to kill you, causing a few more icebergs to land in the water. Once the crystal is hit, Onyxia will be slain, and you may then leave the arena.

Related Achievements Edit

Titanic- Destroy all icebergs


Titan Souls Onyxia Boss Fight

Titan Souls Onyxia Boss Fight


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